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I'll put this under a cut for you guys. Because, yeah, it's not like you haven't seen this before.

It's literally one week before I go to Japan. Seven fucking days before I leave to be thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean on a chain of islands and lost in a whirlwind of a completely different culture, and what do my parents do?

They bitch at me for not yet going through all my crap I brought back from dorming this previous semester. You know, maybe I would actually have the time and energy to do that if they stepped in to help me get ready for Japan in the first place instead of literally leaving me on my own to figure everything out, and when a problem does show up, I always have to be the one to call and figure out what's going on. Yes, if I was in charge of everything, this would make sense and I wouldn't be bitching. However, I'm not in control of a lot of things. Finances? 100% my parents. So when they tell me the money we tried to send has been wired back, who's responsible for clearing it up? Me. It's not even my bank account! What the fuck can I do about it? I don't have access to my parent's bank account, so why would the bank give me the information I would obviously need to clear it up?

Also, I ask them to help me by calling the insurance company to make sure I have the medication I need while I'm away. I tell my mom to do this back in November. She doesn't get to it until after I get back from the semester, and when she encounters a problem, she just leaves it for me to take care of. I'm supposed to be busy studying my Japanese so I can get into the right level of classes when I get to Nanzan, but how can I when I have last-minute doctor's appointments to make and their bullshit hovering over my head?! My parents keep telling me that they're proud of me going and that they want me to go, but they have done absolutely NOTHING to actually show that they support my decision and to help me to get ready to go. I am so fucking sick of dealing with this kind of bullshit.

Ok. Rant done. Just...had to get that off my chest. So...

Countdown to Japan: 7 days. (Does this sound like The Ring to anyone? <.<) I've got an emergency doctor's appointment tomorrow so I can get medication for my trip. I'm also going out to get some last minute extra clothes to take with me, so...I'll be running around tomorrow a lot. Thanks to you guys, I think I'll actually be sane when I leave.


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