I Exist

Jan. 14th, 2012 10:51 pm
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I promise, I do. I know I said I'd write everyday for my New Year's resolution, I just haven't been writing in this journal.

Just giving you guys a heads up, I've been most active on my blog for my Japan Diary thing. I promise I'm still around, I'm just not good at checking both journals everyday.

In Japan

Jan. 7th, 2012 09:30 pm
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Like you guys didn't know already. Most of you are subscribed to my Japan-blog thingie. (If you can't post there, it's because I forgot to grant you guys access. I'll fix that after I post this.)

Anyway, I'm safe and sound and fed. There isn't much going on now. I'm the first of the international students to get here for the Spring semester. I still have jet lag pretty bad, so this is going to stay short.

Anyway, for people who haven't yet seen my other blog about Japan, feel free to visit [personal profile] maliainjapan. I've got a few posts up now, and once I get more settled and the jet lag isn't so bad, I'm hoping to get pictures and videos up too.
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Yo~ It's a Malia here. I think we all know why I made this. Hinthint Livejournal sucks balls.

Anyway, this is my new personal journal. People from my Plurk, feel free to friend me. Also, please let me know who you are before/when you do so. I'm a fairly private person, so I would like to have only people I am familiar with friend me.

Anyway, I'll be posting here hopefully a lot more than my LJ account. I should post here about once a day just because it somehow helps me deal with stress, but now I'm starting to ramble.


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