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Yeah, I don't have much today, but I said I would make a post everyday and damnit, I'm doing it!

Let's see....

Well, the whole Japan fiasco ended up not being a fiasco, which is nice. I still have to worry about payment for housing, but we can't exactly do that until Jan. 5th, which is also the day I leave.

I'm a bit nervous about the airport. Not so much finding my way around, but dealing with my parents who will demand to see me off. My mom's going to start crying, I'm sure, which will just make things awkward and she might try other things to guilt-trip me at the last second. I really don't want to deal with it.

On the plus side though, I got WAFFLES! I will miss them so!

Mind Dump

Dec. 31st, 2011 12:54 pm
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My brain is full and is in need of proper dumping, which for you guys means a wall of random text with little order. Feel free to skip.

Holidays should be anxiety-free. )
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Under a cut because there is nothing happy here. )

Sorry for the complaining and bitching and everything, but the timing for this shit hitting the fan is really at the worst possible time. I'm just glad it hasn't got any worse. /knocks on all the wood EVER
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I'll put this under a cut for you guys. Because, yeah, it's not like you haven't seen this before.

Here be the cut. )

Ok. Rant done. Just...had to get that off my chest. So...

Countdown to Japan: 7 days. (Does this sound like The Ring to anyone? <.<) I've got an emergency doctor's appointment tomorrow so I can get medication for my trip. I'm also going out to get some last minute extra clothes to take with me, so...I'll be running around tomorrow a lot. Thanks to you guys, I think I'll actually be sane when I leave.


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