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So. Got a call from the doctor's office today. Apparently, the doctor I was scheduled to see wouldn't see me because for some reason, he can't prescribe my antidepressants since he isn't the original doctor or my general practitioner. The psychiatrist that did prescribe them for me left the firm I was going to, and apparently, she sent letters to her patients months ago about switching to another doctor. Did I see this letter? Of course I didn't! It was sent to my permanent address, a.k.a. my parent's house! They have a long history of only telling me things that don't have anything to do with me, and all the important stuff is either "forgotten" or "misplaced," and of course, none of this forgetting or misplacing is their fault because they're getting old.

So. I can't get in to see a psychiatrist because none of them are open until a few weeks after I'm already across the Pacific. I call the office my general practitioner works in, and they tell me they can't fill it out because he isn't the original prescriber. So, apparently, he can prescribe anything else to me should I come in and see him and he sees a problem, but he can't prescribe something I've already been taking. Because, you know, I can't go anywhere without a daily dose of bullshit to wallow through. I explain the situation about my psychiatrist, and in the middle of writing this, they're at least cooperating with me, and they sent in the order. Of course, they're not putting refills in (I can't call them in while I'm in Japan anyway), but you know what, they're putting up with the bullshit that's transferred to me from my parents, so I'll just go with it. I'm just grateful that they're doing something. Once I get back from Japan, I will be more than happy to call and schedule a real appointment with them to straighten things out. I'll be picking up the prescription sometime tomorrow I guess.

Sorry for the complaining and bitching and everything, but the timing for this shit hitting the fan is really at the worst possible time. I'm just glad it hasn't got any worse. /knocks on all the wood EVER


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